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From: Robert Hebel

Wednesday 7:19 AM

Dear Friend, 

My bet is that you have purchased several $27, $37, $97, $197 or even paid $497 for program after program and found the same, lifeless information - right? The same techniques, clothed in a different skin? You've purchased a traffic builder program that turns out to be little more than some ponzi scheme that only works for the creator of it? You have seen and read list after list of methods for growing a huge email list, but can't extract the precise method of making it work, out of the program?

When I first got started online, it frustrated me that information manuals were so general instead of being laser targeted. They would tell me things like 'sign up for these list builders and watch the leads come in' and 'just submit one article per week to all the article directories and -- you guessed it---watch the leads roll in'. How about this one: 'PPC is the most effective lead generating tool around'? Raise your hand if you've read that. And then you tried some PPC advertising and the only thing that worked effectively was the credit card that continued to give the PPC company money--but your list wasn't growing.

So I decided to do what perhaps you are doing. I decided I would create a massive lead generating program, test everything I did, and monitor the results closely. What I found was astonishing.

Sure, the techniques in the gurus' manuals work--but not the way the experts would make it look. You see, there really is more to article marketing than submitting one article a week to 150 directories via a submitter. There really is more to safelist and traffic exchange marketing than signing up, loading in your web page, and clicking for hours (and yes, I do get leads from a very select few safelists and traffic exchanges--the key is knowing which ones to use and which to avoid like the plague). How about the giveaways you've seen so rampant lately? I have discovered the keys to using them effectively for massive lead generation.

Once I discovered that lead generation really is just as easy as the experts say that it is---just that they don't reveal enough information to actually make it that easy for their readers---I decided that I wanted to share my information. I want to share it with anybody working online who is tired of paying far too much for worthless information. If I had it my way, I would give away this information for free--to anybody that would download it, and I wouldn't even require a name and email address. But my girlfriend nixed that one. But I still want to practically give it away. And I am not going to tell you that my information is worth $297 or $497, or any other inflated number---but I will tell you this, I am going to reveal to you far more than many experts reveal in their 'valued at $497' ebooks.

I am going to give you three things:

1) A complete overview of lead generation, traffic generation, visitor conversion, and everything you need to know to build a HUGE list. This is advanced material, but it is easy to read, and will give you a bachelor's level education in list building after the first read.

2) I am going to tell you exactly which methods to use first, second, third, and so on, to give you the easiest route to list building success that you can possibly have. I also show you how to determine which are the top three methods of traffic and lead generation for your personal style. You see, I think that far too often beginning list builders make one of two disastrous mistakes--either dabble a little in one of many methods of list building, or they try just one that doesn't work. I will show you step by step what works and what works better when combined with other methods of lead generation.

3) I am going to give you a complete list of resources for each and every step of the way. I will not leave you to guess how you should build your web site or squeeze page, or tell you to use a search engine to find the best resources. I include list after list of incredible resources, and even rank some of them so you know which ones are the best.

Introducing My "List Building Manifesto"

The List Building Manifesto will give you a complete overview of the entire list building process, leaving no stone unturned. When you finish studying and applying the List Building Manifest and you have built your first list, you will have the confidence to go out and build any size list you want in any niche you choose.

Check out what you will learn from this incredible course:

  Discover the top 7 techniques for generating high-converting traffic

 Learn about the top 4 secrets to a high converting squeeze page

 One simple trick to get up to 35% more sign-ups with no additional traffic

 How to quintuple your opt in rate on your main web page

 What does it take to go from 0 to 1000 subscribers in 30 days?---learn the precise steps here

 Once you have mastered the first 1000 subscribers--shoot to 10,000 in the next 60 days--with less effort than you used the first 30 days to get 1000

 The real secrets to article marketing and how it can rocket your opt in quality---I'll even reveal the one article directory that outranks all other article directories in my private testing programs by over 1000%

That's right. I am going to show you step by step, the tricks the masters of list building know and use and I am going to show you how to do the steps, simply and easily.

In my List Building Manifesto I also reveal to you:

How to Build a Genuine, Bona-Fide Massive List From Scratch--Blasting from 0-1000 in just 30 days - Learn the first three methods of list building that are critical to creating momentum when building a list---and they are not what you think the are, guaranteed!

How to build a low cost or no cost opt in list - Do you really think the multi-million dollar gurus built their lists for free? Then how are they qualified to teach you to do it? I have done it---generated both free and low cost leads--and you can too, using these easy, simple to apply steps.

How to use coregistration and other purchased opt in leads to build your list fast--without any SPAM issues - You really can purchase coop leads and convert them to your very own opt ins without risking your web host or autoresponder--learn my secrets here!

How to use safelists for maximum effectiveness and get visitors to your web site that are frothing at the mouth to purchase your product and join your list - There are two things that make safelists extremely unique in their ability to deliver targeted visitors--if you know exactly how to do it and exactly which safelists are most effective.

How to use traffic exchanges to generate--get this--high converting traffic to your site - Yes, you read that right---there are a few secrets that I reveal that will easily and quickly change your traffic exchange efforts from worthless or worse to highly effective and profitable

Discover the secrets to ezine and solo ad success - Learn exactly where to put your ads and what types of ads to place to supercharge your advertising efforts.

But Thats Not All You'll Also Learn...

The one thing you absolutely need to know before you join a giveaway that will triple your opt ins - Don't join another giveaway without this incredible information. You are literally leaving leads on the table if you aren't following this one guideline--a little know trick revealed by a 45 year old grocery store manager that turns giveaway marketing upside down--and even the gurus don't have this one figured out!

How to monetize your list building campaign from the very first hour - Imagine if for every dollar you spent up front generating traffic you earned 3 dollars from your subscribers within the very first 3 days--how much more traffic could you afford?

How to get your emails opened with fervor--and how to get them to click through and send you money fast - If your emails aren't opened, it doesn't make much sense to build an email list, does it? Learn the keys to getting those emails opened, read, and purchased from quickly and easily.

A secret technique that will convert your email list subscribers into list building machines themselves - Imagine if you had the power to tap into the email lists of each of your subscribers? Now you can do it--just one simple technique that will supercharge the way your list grows.

The hidden truth about creating multiple lists for maximum profit that nobody--nobody--wants you to know - I don't even want you to know this--but I am going to give it to you anyway--because it is only fair---I told you I am giving away the farm, so to hold this back would be--fraudulent--but I will probably get a lot of flack for revealing this highly secretive information.

How to make simple changes to your PPC campaigns that will drastically cut your expenditures and make the campaigns literally pay for themselves--before you ever pay for the clicks - You really can master PPC--even without buying a separate PPC manual-- I will give you exactly what you need to know to create massive leads from PPC campaigns.

How to avoid the top 5 newbie mistakes, and instantly catapult yourself to intermediate status online - Just quit doing the crazy things newbies do and you will achieve experienced status record time.

By downloading this list building manifesto today, you will immediately rocket to the ranks of the top 5% online who know what really works in list building.

Use this manifesto to learn the techniques the masters use to build their opt in lists for 30 days completely risk free. If you apply the techniques in this manifesto and if you are not producing more leads than you ever have before reading this material, simply ask me for a refund---and I will give it to you. It really is that easy--just let me know, and I will refund the price you paid with no hesitation.

The bottom line is, I want you to be satisfied. You see, I am breaking into a forbidden territory online--the gurus don't want me to share this information. It will give you the power to compete with them, one on one. I will be creating many more ground breaking products online, and I want you to be willing to buy every single one of them--even if you don't like this one. And the only way I can build that type of credibility is to give you your money back if you ask for it. Just try me.

So how much am I asking for The List Building Manifesto?

I told you earlier that I wasn't going to tell you this product is worth $297 or $397 or any other ridiculous price. But I will say this, it contains more powerful information than is included in some of the other products on the market that are valued at $297 or $397.

I am releasing this product at a ridiculously low price of $77.00 to the general public but because I want it to be so ridiculously affordable that everyone online can buy it and profit from it during this initial launch period I'm going to let you have it for an insane one time price of just $17 

Look at it this way -- $17.00 is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on the List Building Manifesto and start using it right away to improve your lifestyle!

You Really Can Not Afford Not To Invest In

List Building Manifesto

It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below. Click here to order right now for only $17.00 (even if its 3:00 am in the morning).

List Building Manifesto

If you don't buy it now at $17.00, you either already know this information or are flat-broke--and I am betting against both scenarios.

How many emails do you have in your email list? 0? 500? 1000? 10,000? How many do you want? This list building manifesto will give you the tools to build a list in any niche to any size you want. Period. Just buy it today. You won't regret it---you will explode your list size or get your money back. What do you have to lose?

Don't you owe it to yourself to try the List Building Manifesto today?

Robert Hebel


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